After crashing through my 20’s and 30’s without having to even consider what I was doing to my body realisation came knocking and I reluctantly reached for my new pair of trainers.

I started gradually, got myself some professional help ( a trainer not a psychologist) and adopted a healthier attitude to what I ate and what was missing from my diet.


I got fitter and felt happier about myself which triggered an interest in supplements but I found that many of the Health and Fitness supplements were aimed at super strong muscle men/women and I didn’t fit into that category. So instead I decided to learn more about nutrition and create my own range of natural, ethical products. 


Here at Inspired Health, we believe the planet is as important as our health so we are continually striving to reduce the impact of our products on the environment, including using biodegradable packaging, sourcing traceable ingredients from Great Britain and Ireland to reduce our food miles and minimising single-use plastics (that's why we don't automatically include a scoop with each product!) 


There are no added sugars or artificial flavours or colours in our products just wholesome natural ingredient for you to blend and enjoy.  


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