Inspired nutrition that cares for you and the environment. No added sugars, artificial flavours or colours. Just wholesome ingredients for you to enjoy.

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Made in the UK using responsibly sourced premium quality natural ingredients.  Our products are designed to support healthy living, weight management and sports nutrition. We aim to make health and fitness part of your daily routine.


Even just a few healthy lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel so our aim at Inspired Health was to come up with a range of products that can fit easily into your daily routine, however hectic that may be.


Our Vitamin and Protein shakes are a perfect healthy alternative to meal replacements.  Made right here in the UK using only natural ingredients, a balanced blend of multivitamins, protein and finely chopped oats will not only keep you fuller for longer but go towards giving your body the fuel it needs to stay fit and healthy.


Just mix with your milk of choice in a shaker or blend into your favourite smoothie for a quick but nutritious breakfast or lunch. 1 tablespoon mixed with 100ml of milk is also ideal as a nutritious snack that will curb those sugar cravings or hunger pangs, the healthy way.


With no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, these shakes are also ideal for a great tasting, low-fat drink to refuel your body post-workout or after exercise.


Choose from whey or plant-based protein making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


If you’re a coffee lover then boost your protein levels with our Protein Coffee.  Blend with milk and water, it can be drunk hot or cold.  Add some cinnamon or a shot of espresso to give an extra punch to your tastebuds.


We think the FitChick Vegan Protein is one of the best tasting quality pea and hemp blends out there on the market.  Again very useful to increase your protein levels, it's perfect to use in baking, smoothies or as a shake.  Easy to digest and lactose-free its light on the stomach and blends beautifully.


With our 100% biodegradable packaging and low carbon footprint you can rest assured that we are trying hard to be kinder to the plant as well as our bodies  !!

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Delicious vegan protein with added oats and vitamins makes the ideal snack or breakfast on the go!

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